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The Real Estate California technical project and its place in the NorCal MLS Alliance.

There is a worthwhile push in the real estate data and technology space to adopt better standards. The existing MLS solutions prevalent in the industry have taken an approach where they retain their unique (often obsolete) schemas internally and simply build standards-based interfaces (using traditional RETS, or RETS WebAPI) around that. The indirect/internal layer of inefficient data translation adds needless complexity and leads to errors.

The REC Project initiated by BAREIS, MetroList and SFARMLS sought to change that by updating the internal schemas inside the core MLS systems in addition to updating and modernizing our external interfaces.

In every way possible the development of the REC system has followed the RESO Data Dictionary and best practices as laid out by the Council for Multiple Listing Services (CMLS). Completing the launch of this new system is also the prerequisite for a major parallel initiative – the complete exchange of data between all Bay Area MLSs through our NorCal MLS Alliance initiative.

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