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Agents of San Francisco! Follow these critical guides for making sure you don't lose any data during the conversion to the new Super-Regional version of SFARMLS!

The Super-Regional version of SFARMLS combines all listing data from our 6 neighboring MLSs including MetroList, BAREIS, Contra Costa, Bay East, Bridge MLS and MLSListings. If you are familiar with our current Rapattoni MLS system this will look, feel, and operate in much the same way. 

As part of the NorCal MLS Alliance you will enjoy a single place to search, a single place to enter listings with specific and unique fields for each marketplace. All searches and listing entry will begin by county and then you’ll proceed as usual after that. In addition to searches and listing entry, all contacts, prospects, and CMAs will be done in Rapattoni through the Super Regional version of SFARMLS.

You’ll no longer need to use Paragon (for Contra Costa, and Alameda counties) or Matrix (for San Mateo, and south) - everything can be done in your HOME MLS SYSTEM.

Agents: Parents


Your SFARMLS listings will be copied over into Super Regional the night of cut over. You don’t need to do anything to have your listings show in the new Super Regional system.

If you are taking new listings between now and the launch date, you should make sure you input them into SFARMLS to ensure that they are copied over at the launch.


Saved searches and saved hotsheets in SFARMLS should copy over to Super Regional on the launch.

However, complex search criteria may need to be updated in Super Regional in order for your searches to continue working.

Please make note of your current saved searches by backing up the criteria as instructed below.


Saved contacts will transfer from SFARMLS to Super Regional. But making  backup of all of your contacts is the best practice.

Follow these instructions to learn how to create a CSV backup of your contacts saved in SFARMLS.

Also, make sure you make backup copies of any contacts you have created in any reciprocal MLS system, or in Quattro, as these will not copy automatically. 


Your customized One Line Grid will default to the SFARMLS One Line Grid display in Super Regional.

If you want to retain your customizations you must copy it and give it a custom name in SFARMLS before January 19th.

All custom One Line Grids that have been saved with a custom name will be copied into Super Regional.


Don't be caught off-guard by the changes to how property types are organized. 

Click here to read about the merging of Residential and Condo types into the new, expanded Residential Single-Family (and the various subtypes).


Residential Single-Family homes have a long list of combined Property Subtype Values that you can use to ensure you accurately categorize your listing.

Single-Family Homes is the bread and butter, read this article to make sure you're using it right.


Have you setup an assistant or another agent to work as you on SFARMLS?

These settings will copy over to Super Regional. We recommend you review your current Authorize Agent ID Sharing setup to verify that the correct people have access to your account. To review your ID Sharing setup, follow steps 1 and 2 in these instructions.


The new 24 Hour Market Watch will default to the entire Super Regional system area, from Novato to Sacramento, through San Francisco and down to Monterey.

If you do not want to see listings for that entire area, you can customize the areas that show data in the 24 Hour Market Watch to up to 5 San Francisco Districts.

Click here for instructions on how to configure it.


Get a visual understanding of the massive increase in your coverage area when using the Super-Regional version of your home MLS!

One place to search, one place to enter listings, one place to manage clients and prospects. 


Many of you are using the built-in Framed IDX Links technology provided by Rapattoni. 

Be aware that any current links you have will stop working on January 19th. Click here to learn more about making updates after launch.


If you are using Client Portals today in SFARMLS the URLs are designed to automatically update, but there is still the potential for disruption.

Click here to read about what happens to links you have already sent to your clients, and factors you should consider.

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