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Check Agent ID Sharing

Have you setup an assistant or another agent to 'work as you' on SFARMLS? These settings will copy over to Super Regional. We recommend you review your current Authorize Agent ID Sharing setup to verify that the correct people have access to your account. To review your ID Sharing setup, follow steps 1 and 2 in the instructions below.


Authorize Agent ID Sharing in Super Regional

1. On the MLS Dashboard, click on the Super Regional SFARMLS icon.

2. From the top menu bar, click Admin (1) and then select Authorize Agent ID Sharing (2) from the drop down

3. The Authorize Agent ID Sharing screen displays all Agent IDs with authorized shared access to your account. This screen allows you to modify shared access by adding or removing agents. To add an agent to shared access, click on Add New ID Sharer in the upper left.

4. In the Agent / Office Search window, enter the agent’s Last Name (1), First Name (2), and if known, Agent ID (3). Then click on the Search (4) button in the upper left.

5. In the Agent Search Results, locate the agent you’d like to add and click on the Select link to the left of their Agent ID. If more than one agent appears in your search results, make a selection based on the Office Name and Office Phone.

6. A pop-up validation message will ask “Are you sure you want to add this agent to your list of authorized ID sharers?”. Click the OK button.

7. The newly added agent will now appear on the Authorize Agent ID Sharing screen.

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