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Client Portals and Automated Emails

You may have sent links to your clients to give them access to Client Portals. Those links are designed to fully migrate for clients so that they do not see any disruption in access. HOWEVER, the configuration for those client portals WILL BE IMPACTED as the changes to Property Types, and the entire set of fields available, are all changing with the larger dataset in the Super-Regional.

Make sure you have set aside a little time on Wednesday January 20th to review ALL of your saved searches and settings. Pay particular attention to settings and searches you have created for your active, current, clients. Expect the possibility of disruptions and be prepared to make modifications.

The best example is the regarding the use Property Type (and now Subtype) as a primary searching and filtering mechanism. Read this important article about how Property Types and Subtypes work in the new Super-Regional version of the system.

Property Types and Subtypes

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