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Developer Access to RESFAR

Good afternoon!

I feel like this post has been a long time coming*. We're in the final stretch now to get prepared for our launch of the new version of SFARMLS (which is code named RESFAR up until its live) as part of the "Real Estate California" initiative, or REC for short. Getting the REC technology launched is a prerequisite for the larger NorCal MLS Alliance initiative, you can read more about that here.

We're ready to start helping vendors with conversion over the next 8 weeks as we've locked in on our new system availability date of January 21st, 2021. We'll start taking down some services a day or so before that, but the goal is to have you ready to flip your switches the same time we do, on that Wednesday.

So, let's get there!

You'll need the developer guide PDF and the mapping documents, and of course, your login credentials. You've received those already in an email, and if you didn't, please email to request them again. Please understand that there is one SFARMLS person and 200+ vendors, so, it may take a business day or two to get back to you.

Click on the "Program" link at the site navigation at the top to get to the downloads, or click here.

This blog is going to be conversational and informational. Comments are going to be disabled for the time being, that may change in January. We plan to add information to an FAQ as questions come in. There is still an idea that we may hold a webinar - it is not clear that that's needed yet, but we're considering it.

Stay tuned.

* that would be, because it has :D
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