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Developer Update - Open House and Broker Tour

The State of California and City of San Francisco have revised the guidelines for holding Open Houses and Broker Tours. In that light, the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® and SFARMLS have re-instantiated our Broker Tour program and re-enabled all fields for adding "in-person" Open Houses.

Please read on for details on how to locate and understand the Open House, and Broker Tour, data in your current data feeds. If you cannot see the new fields for identifying the OPEN.Type please contact for assistance.

Open Houses

Please read this member facing article on the guidance for Open House send May 20, 2021: Open Houses can still be added to the MLS as either In-Person or as Virtual. We have followed the recommendations of the City and the State in reopening the option for In-Person Open Houses.


The interface members see looks like this:

In it, you can see that there is no URL field. If members want to link to a gallery, or single page website for their Open House, we are permitting them to put URLs in the Comments field.


The option from COVID, which is still enabled, looks like this:

Here, there is a title and a purpose built URL field where the link to the Virtual Media, or virtual presentation (if Hosted = true) is being streamed from (could be a Facebook Live, or anything else for this purpose).

Broker Tour

Please read this member facing article for the guidance on Broker Tour sent May 28, 2021:

Listings in a set of District 9 subdistricts (D, F, G, H, and shortly J) will continue to be held on Wednesday each week:

The Broker Tour data is no longer split out into a separate non-standard RETS data class. With the launch of the RESO standardized Super Regional SFARMLS, all of the data was moved into the OpenHouse resource. You can identify it by looking at the value in the field OpenHouseType. Read on for full details of the revamped OpenHouse (OPEN) RETS data class.

The OpenHouse (OPEN) RETS Data Class

The single data class for both Open House data and Broker Tour data is called OpenHouse (OPEN) in the RETS server and API.

The schema for this resource OPEN is as follows:

Field: Open House Type

You will use the field Open House type to determine what type of record the values represent: an In-Person open house, a Virtual open house, or a Broker Tour record. Here are the values you will see for that field:

Broker Tours, Caravans and other types of "tour" information are a subset of Open House data, and the new Super Regional MLS system has reclassified it as such.

Please email to speak with our data feeds and licensing team members with any questions.

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