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MLS Numbers Jumped Up

Hello! Just a quick note about SFARMLS and listing MLS Numbers. As part of the Super-Regional, we have increased the size of the MLS Number field from 6 digits, to 9 digits so that we can be certain that these numbers never cross-over with another MLS's numbering (well, at least for hundreds of years!).

The old number pattern using 6 digits has only recently crossed into the 500,000 range. Our last new MLS Number on January 31st was 515850 and that will be the last one in that range.

The new numbers start with "4" and are followed by the year number as two digits "21" followed by the next logical number, so as you can see here in this example: 4 + 21 + 515948 becomes 421515948

Nothing really much changes, the numbers are longer and now can never collide. This year will be 421, next year will be 422 and so on. So you really don't have to learn a longer number at all, you just need to know the prefix and the same old 6 digit number you were used to using before.

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