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One Line Grid Display

Your Custom One Line Grid will default to the SFARMLS One Line Grid display in Super Regional. If you want to retain your custom One Line Grid display, you must copy the current grid and give it a custom name before January 19th. All custom One Line Grids that have been saved with a custom name will be copied into the Super Regional.


Copy and Rename the One Line Grid in SFARMLS

1. Log in to SFARMLS. Navigate to the One Line Grid screen using the method of your choice. Here are two options:

Option 1:

From the top menu bar, click Admin (1) and then select One Line Grid Setup (2) from the drop down.

Option 2: On the Search Results screen (1), click the Display drop down in the upper right and select One Line Grid (2).

Then click on the Customize Grid (3) button.

2. On the One Line Grid screen, make a copy of the One Line Grid by clicking on the Copy button in the upper left.

3. In the Copy Grid window, enter your New Grid Name and click on the Copy button. Example: My One Line Grid

4. Your new One Line Grid name now appears in the upper left (1) and has been added to the Display drop down (2) on the right.

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