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Planned Changes to Listing Numbering Postponed

In review with technical and support teams at Rapattoni, BAREIS, MetroList and SFARMLS, we have jointed decided to postpone the planned changes to the listing number scheme originally slated to happen on January 1st, prior to the system migration.

Instead, we will be making the change to the listing number scheme as part of the migration from our current system to the new RESFAR system (what our Agents know as "Super Regional SFARMLS" beginning once the new system comes back online during the day on January 20th.

Third party recipients of data re-establishing connections post migration will see the new numbering system for listings created in the new system. Recall this is the strategy for listing numbering as outlined in the RESFAR Developer Guide:

(4)(year as 2 digit)(6 digits following the highest last value issued in SFARMLS)

Example: 421515954

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email:

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