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SFARMLS Super-Regional Update

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Date: 2021-01-21 (11:45 a.m. Pacific Standard Time)

Status Update: New system is operational, we are identifying bugs and issues with the primary systems and are fixing them. External data feeds are operational, many vendors are still making changes to catch up.

Known Issues:

  1. Photo Loading - some users are experiencing errors when loading photos. This is being treated as a Break/Fix type of problem (highest priority).

  2. Coming Soon Dates - the ability to easily edit dates using the "Status Info" option page on Coming Soon listings is temporarily not functioning properly. This is being treated as a Break/Fix type of problem (highest priority).

  3. Login URLs - this is not a bug, see the topic that follows.

  4. Subdistrict Values - remember to use CAPS or the picker when selecting a Subdistrict value, as right now lower-case isn't being recognized. This is being treated as a functional bug (normal priority), see topic that follows.


Getting Help & Seeing Important Updates

As I'm sure you can imagine our support department is incredibly busy right now. We ask that you help us, help you, more efficiently by re-reading the "6 Common Things You May See" page, and then making sure that you:

  1. Email for support, avoid phoning. We are having a heavy load of calls - email gets you a place in the issue queue much faster than leaving a voicemail.

  2. Follow us on the Official Facebook Page for the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® which is located here (and is also a tile on the MLS Dashboard in the Quick Links panel).


Other Important Tips and Tricks:

Login using MLS Dashboard

Any bookmarks you may have created to go around the MLS Dashboard will produce authentication errors. You must reauthenticate through the MLS Dashboard to regain access to SFARMLS Super-Regional. You will see improvements coming to login now that we are live with the system in the coming days.

Subtype Description (Search Feature Improvement)

We have just released an improvement to how to use Subtype Description! You can now find the link for picking your values right on the main search page. Check this out, it's now right below Subtype as a clickable link that gives you a choice pick window.

Using District (and Subdistrict)

A few good updates here! We have been able to get a feature working using RANGES in the District Field. This means that you can put a value like this in any District search field: 1-6 (or even 1-10 for all Districts) and this will work like this:

This means you can return to using the simpler 24-Hour Market Watch by setting your default District value to 1-10 in the Your Preferences panel. I still recommend creating for yourself a Hotsheet Search (using Days Back = 1) as that will give you a much more detailed result set directly into your inbox at a time you specify.

When using Subdistrict, remember to always use CAPS for the letter values, and recall that ranges are not supported, but comma separated values are, this works:

While this does NOT WORK:

I always use the Picker Tool by clicking the magnifying glass icon so that I can locate exact values and use the checkboxes to select. Did you know that you can use CTRL+F (Windows) or ⌘+F (macOS) on that little window to search it? It looks like this when you do:

Property Types / "HSL"

If you're wondering what is "HSL1" (and 2, and 3?) start with the article we published on PropertyTypes and Subtypes. The long and short of it, is that HSL means "House On Lot" and the number indicates if there is one dwelling (or possibly two or three, if it's a full extra unit with no separate address). We couldn't use SFR for two reasons: first it's too close to SFAR, which is our Association abbreviation, and secondly "SFR" is the code for Single-Family Residential Homes, which is the name for the TYPE, we couldn't use a Type name as a Subtype name. Hence the convention of "House On Lot" is used. Is that my favorite? No.

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