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SFARMLS Super-Regional Update #3

Date: 2021-01-25 (4:10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time)

Status Update: New system continues to be fully operational (although we continue to find and fix issues). Connections with partner MLSs of the NORCAL MLS Alliance are stable and working as expected.

System stability has improved dramatically over the weekend (clear caches to make sure you are loading the most recent changes to the web application). There are currently no Break/Fix level problems which make the system unusable, but we are tracking and working on several functional known issues, please read on:

Resolved Issues:

  1. Duplicate Checking - the checking for existing duplicates will not stop you as long as the Unit# or Front Street Number is unique in the tax record.

  2. Disappearing (24hr) Market Watch Panel (Critical) - Today, there were intermittent reports that the panel for Market Watch (the "24Hr Market Watch") would not display even when set to show. This was resolved late-afternoon.

Known Issues:

  1. District/Subdistrict Assignment (Normal) - a very small number of listings imported into our system are still showing a blank Subdistrict value. If your listing is affected by this bug, please email us the MLS# of the listing so that we can correct that for you. In normal LISTING INPUT, you should not see this problem as the values are auto-populated. This is not a wide-spread problem and is easily fixed by staff if you email the team.

  2. District/Subdistrict in Search (Low) - when using SEARCH functions, make sure to put the Subdistrict letter in uppercase so that it functions properly. This is not related to the Assignment issue highlighted above.

  3. Reports (Multiple Properties showing up as Duplicates, Normal) - If you run a report across property types, the report sometimes print with duplicate copies of the listing. This is due to an issue with listings that have Open Houses on them. The report generator generates a report for the listing for every open house that it has.

  4. Reports (Enhancements, Low) - Please keep sending these to us, we are queueing them up to be worked on as we go forward. We have already fixed issues with photo links and have an exciting update with maplinks coming out in an upcoming release.

  5. CMA Values (Critical) - We are working on including the Total Parking Spaces and Subdistrict field values in CMAs as soon as possible. We will include this change in the next possible release. We are seeing some instances where CMA search results are also blank.

  6. Hotsheet Alerts (Critical) - Some agents (and their contacts) are not receiving auto-generated emails from their scheduled saved searches. The Rapattoni is working on as a critical issue for the site. This change is to be released as soon as a fix for it is complete, critical.

  7. Client Portal Links (Normal) - In a few cases, where a link to client portal has been manually triggered, the autogenerated link in the email is valid, but the page returned in blank.


Getting Help & Seeing Important Updates

As I'm sure you can imagine our support department is incredibly busy. We ask that you help us, help you, more efficiently by re-reading the "6 Common Things You May See" page, and then making sure that you:

  1. Email for support, avoid phoning. We are having a heavy load of calls - email gets you a place in the issue queue much faster than leaving a voicemail.

  2. Follow us on the Official Facebook Page for the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® which is located here (and is also a tile on the MLS Dashboard in the Quick Links panel).


Hey, What's Issue Severity?

Bugs, problems and known issues are graded internally by the SFARMLS team as follows (in highest priority to lowest):

Break/Fix - this is a problem across the entire system that makes it nearly unusable. Requires immediate intervention and a patch release as soon as feasible.

Critical - this is a serious problem that affects users and is being addressed as soon as possible for inclusion in the next release of the software.

Normal - this problem is being worked on and will be released when the fix has been completed as part of a regular release cycle. There is frequently a work-around for Normal priority issues.

Low - this is a known issue that should be addressed when time permits. Sometimes Low priority bugs are actually feature enhancement requests and may be addressed by an overall improvement to the software planned at a later time.


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