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SFARMLS Super-Regional Update #5

Date: 2021-02-19 (2:15pm Pacific)

Status Update: While we have received some reports from users where login resulted in an "exception" screen, the system continues to be fully operational and we have been able to demonstrate that by clearing caches most issues are resolved.

We fully expect to continue to find and fix issues for another week or so. We have completed the work to ensure that MLS partner systems are receiving all of the listing inventory Active through to Closed, but NOT yet including Coming Soon/Pre-Market listings.

You should not be experiencing degraded MLS speed or performance at all, and if you do please clear caches to make sure you are loading the most recent changes to the web application and report it to if that does not help.

Our general issue statistics since last update are as follows:

  • 34 new items added

  • 50 Items closed

  • 5 currently set to Pending Customer review

  • 4 Currently set to Pending Event (system release)

There are currently no Break/Fix level problems outstanding that make the system unusable, but we are tracking and working on several functional known issues, and highlighting some important changes. The really important items to report on are as follows:

Resolved Issues:

  1. DOM and CDOM values resetting (Normal) - the issues around the formula for DOM and CDOM have been corrected. Listings have been corrected and all should now show correct values for these two fields. It is possible that our data fix has missed a listing, if you see one that is incorrect when compared to the listing dates, please email us at: with the listing number.

  2. Negative DOM (Normal) - also corrected with the formula fix applied for resetting as outlined above, this is fixed.

  3. Photo Mismatches (Normal) - in some cases, the number of photos being pulled in from MLSListings (South Bay) would not match what was in their system. We have corrected this and repulled photos for listings that had missing photos.

  4. 24-Hour Market Watch vs. Hotsheet (Low) - immediately after launch, the HotSheet listing counts and 24-Hour Market Watch counts did not match. Various fixes to data, and improvements in testing (making sure that the areas being compared match) have demostrated that this is resolved. If you would like to read an interesting article about how to configure your Market Watch panel in the MLS to show you only San Francisco and the Peninsula, read about how to do that here.

  5. API Timeouts (Critical) - numerous vendors and brokerages with technical teams were reporting that parts of the new WebAPI for accessing data were experiencing timeouts causing data failures in their products. The problems with API Timeouts have been fixed and are no longer a critical problem. We continue to monitor this.

Important Changes:

Nothing to report at this time.

Known Issues:

  1. Wrong Office on some Listings (Critical) - We are aware that a nightly data process has been making incorrect edits to the Office name on listings that have been brought back to the market, or on listings that have changed listing brokerage. We are manually changing this data back, but the process continues to revert our changes. Rapattoni recognizes the severity of this issue and is focused on fixing it as quickly as possible.

  2. Report Improvements (Normal) - we are queueing up improvements to the reports. Now that they are in use by members, we are able to see clear issues and fix them as they are identified. If you see an error on a Report, or cannot get a report to display the data you need, please MAKE A SCREEN SHOT OF THE REPORT and note the corrections you feel are needed and email it to: so that we can insert it into our list of report fixes.

  3. Export Improvements (Low) - there are fixes coming to the Export Formats. Exports for INCP (Residential Income) have been re-added, and more new formats are coming.

  4. Subdistrict Assignment / Blank (Normal) - we have identified that this issue is caused in cases where Copy Listing is used, or in cases where the Agent has tried to edit the Area/Region manually. We are actively updating listings as soon as we detect them - but if you have a listing missing a Subdistrict, or see one, please report it immediately to and we will immediately queue it to be edited and fixed.

  5. District/Subdistrict in Search (Low) - when using SEARCH functions, make sure to put the Subdistrict letter in uppercase so that it functions properly. This is not related to the Assignment issue highlighted above.

  6. Data Point Errors (various) - we have also seen that some listing information has not transformed correctly amid the thousands and thousands of transformations as part of the release. If you find a listing with an incorrect data point, please take a screen shot and email us, and we will work with our reciprocal MLS partners to get it corrected.


Getting Help & Seeing Important Updates

As I'm sure you can imagine our support department is incredibly busy. We ask that you help us, help you, more efficiently by re-reading the "6 Common Things You May See" page, and then making sure that you:

  1. Email for support, avoid phoning. We are having a heavy load of calls - email gets you a place in the issue queue much faster than leaving a voicemail.

  2. Follow us on the Official Facebook Page for the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® which is located here (and is also a tile on the MLS Dashboard in the Quick Links panel).

  3. If you are looking for help with missing Automated Emails, or Invitation Emails (emails ONLY please) you should reach out to Rapattoni directly going forward as we believe these issues have been fixed and they would like to assist you directly with missing email related issues (complete this form or call: 866-730-7114). Please note that Rapattoni can never update listing information for you, they cannot fix Area/District or Subdistrict information, and cannot change listing status or date information. Those requests must queue up with our internal team:


Hey, What's Issue Severity?

Bugs, problems and known issues are graded internally by the SFARMLS team as follows (in highest priority to lowest):

Break/Fix - this is a problem across the entire system that makes it nearly unusable. Requires immediate intervention and a patch release as soon as feasible.

Critical - this is a serious problem that affects users and is being addressed as soon as possible for inclusion in the next release of the software.

Normal - this problem is being worked on and will be released when the fix has been completed as part of a regular release cycle. There is frequently a work-around for Normal priority issues.

Low - this is a known issue that should be addressed when time permits. Sometimes Low priority bugs are actually feature enhancement requests and may be addressed by an overall improvement to the software planned at a later time.


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