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SFARMLS Super-Regional Update #6

Reminder: the best channel to get support right now, is to use email. Then we can get back to you in the order that the request is received. For listing and usability issues please email the MLS team:

Date: 2021-03-05

Status Update: System uptime is 100% - data connectivity to partner MLSs. We continue to focus on make data corrections when identified and adjusting reports and data representations (displays) where these changes do not require new development.

We are queueing up additional new FEATURES for development starting around the April/May timeframe. This means that any brand new functional changes or improvements are still a few months out at least, but they are being queued up and analyzed. In the meantime we're going to ask for some cooperation with a few workarounds while we add new features to the system (see Important Changes).

Resolved Issues:

  1. The root cause of the negative (and generally incorrect) DOM (and sometimes CDOM) values is fixed, you may still see a listing that didn't get updated however, please do send the listing number to the MLS if you see one so that we can correct it.

  2. Multi-Unit Buildings APN problem - fixed.

  3. Incomplete search results coming back in Agent searches - fixed.

  4. Incorrect data on specific listings (Agent IDs and Office IDs changing) - fixed in almost all cases. We are still investigating a similar issue that has to do with some Office IDs being incorrect. We treat data assignment errors like that as the highest priority type of issue - the data management team at Rapattoni is working on it.

  5. Reciprocal data in InfoSparks is fully loaded - we are going to schedule a webinar class in late March showing you how to use this new data. March 12th, 11:00 am signup link March 31st, 2:00 pm signup link

  6. Reporting System:

  • Agent Email is now present on all reports.

  • On Market Date is now present on all reports.

  • Parking data report problem identified (in progress to be fixed).

Important Changes:

  • Sharing Disclosure Package Links (D.IO) - we have identified several ways we want to solve this permanently and all of them will take some new feature development time, meaning it will be out a few weeks yet. UNTIL WE IMPLEMENT A NEW FEATURE FOR THIS we are asking you to put the disclosure package URL (whether it is for D.IO, or another solution) into the Agent Only Remarks so that it will be transmitted to the reciprocal MLS members of the NorCal MLS Alliance. They will be doing the same (BAREIS in fact, has always done this).

  • Loading Floorplans as Attached Documents - we are encouraging Agents to use the Optional document type of the Attached Documents section to upload Floorplans. These will then be transmitted to reciprocal MLSs and brokerage systems that take these links.

Known Issues:

  • CMA is showing without Subdistrict & Parking Type. This is queued up to be solved in a reporting system update on March 16th.

  • New report type underway for INCP to include data such as those relevant to multiple-unit properties (greater than 4.)

  • Rapattoni is working with us to calculate CAP Rate, GRM, and Price Per Unit. This is queued up to be solved in a report update contingent on the approval of BAREIS, MetroList, and SFAR.

  • Parking Spaces and Garage Spaces are not being mapped synonymously from all MLS systems. When searching for listings with parking, look for listings that have a non-zero value in EITHER of these fields. Also remember that you cannot specify a parking value of 1 or more if the space is an entirely separate lease or arrangement that does not transfer with the listing property.

  • Datashare issues -- buyers agent missing on some of the reciprocal listings we import from other MLSs, this is being worked on by data management.


Getting Help & Seeing Important Updates

As I'm sure you can imagine our support department is incredibly busy. We ask that you help us, help you, more efficiently by re-reading the "6 Common Things You May See" page, and then making sure that you:

  1. Email for support, avoid phoning. We are having a heavy load of calls - email gets you a place in the issue queue much faster than leaving a voicemail.

  2. Follow us on the Official Facebook Page for the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® which is located here (and is also a tile on the MLS Dashboard in the Quick Links panel).

  3. If you are looking for help with missing Automated Emails, or Invitation Emails (emails ONLY please) you should reach out to Rapattoni directly going forward as we believe these issues have been fixed and they would like to assist you directly with missing email related issues (complete this form or call: 866-730-7114). Please note that Rapattoni can never update listing information for you, they cannot fix Area/District or Subdistrict information, and cannot change listing status or date information. Those requests must queue up with our internal team:


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