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Subtype Descriptions for Residential Property

You can assign up to 6 Subtype Description values to your listing to make sure that it appears in any and all searches that cover this value. Try to use the shortest list of real, applicable, subtype values on your listing to make sure that the display of your listing on reports and search results is concise and clear.

Do not try to pack your listing with unnecessary values, as this will hurt, not help, you search result optimization. By being precise you will achieve the best results. Definitions and short codes that you may see on reports and search results are as follows.


Attached (ATCH) - the primary structure is attached to another structure that is not included in the sale.

Custom (CSTM) - the design of the structure is entirely unique and built from spec architect plans which should be (but are not required to be) included in the sale.

Detached (DTCH) - the primary structure is free standing and is not attached to any other structures.

Live/Work (LVWK) - the structure is intended for dual purpose live/work.

Modified (MDFD) - the structure has been heavily modified from its original design or purpose, frequently including the redesign plans used.

Planned Unit Develop (PLND) - a specific type of building that similar, but different from a Tenancy in Common.

Ranchette/Country (RNCH) - The home is "country" in nature.

Semi-Attached (SMAT) - the primary structure shares only one wall with another structure and typically it is not a 'living space' wall (i.e. conjoined garages).

Semi-Custom (SMIC) - the design of the structure starts from a plan, which is intended to be partially customized during construction.

Tract (TRCT) - A type of repeated, row, or designed subdivion where all homes are nearly identical.


Flat (FLAT) - similar to an apartment, a Flat is a housing unit that is self-contained but is part of a larger building with a shared entry.

Junior (JUNR) - a type of hybrid 1-bedroom/studio commonly found in the City, a Junior suite usually features partial walls or fixed dividers.

Studio (STUD) - a Studio unit is typically efficiency in nature and does not have distinct bedrooms or secondary rooms (other than a bathroom).

Loft (LOFT) - a large, adaptable and open space, often converted for residential use from some other use (typically light industrial).

Luxury (LXRY) - a descriptor that can be used to emphasize the exceptionally high-end quality of the unit (or home).


Low-Rise (1-3) (LOWR) - the unit for sale is in a low-rise building not higher than 3 floors.

Mid-Rise (4-8) (MIDR) - the unit for sale is in a building with 4 to 8 floors.

Hi-Rise (9+) (HIRS) - the unit for sale is in a building with 9 or more floors.

Please note that while we have made the best effort to detect these values in our own data, and in our reciprocal datashare partner data, and set them as appropriate, you may see that these values are not always completely filled in for existing data. We expect this field to see much richer data as we go forward into the future with Agents assigning correct values on their new listings.

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